Devotional Prayer to Maria Rosa Mystica (every 13th of the month)

Today is the 13th of December and I would like to share this prayer requested by the Blessed Virgin (Rosa Mystica) to be said every 13th of the month.


This prayer is very efficacious if said daily with petitions and compulsory for the 13th of every month for the hour of Graces veneration of Maria Rosa Mystica.

Three Hail Marys followed by:

Mystical Rose, be Thou blessed, Mother of Divine Grace. Thou has given to the whole mankind Thy Divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Author of Grace.

Mystical Rose, be Thou ever blessed! Thy Divine Son, when dying upon the cross, obtained grace for us, and Thou didst cooperate with Him in this, when the sword pierced Thy Soul.

Mystical Rose, be Thou ever blessed! Thou wert chosen by the Heavenly Father to be the Mistress of His Treasures, stewardess and distributor of all His graces.

Mystical Rose, our Mother! Turn your loving eyes upon the millions of human kind. We beg Thee, we implore Thee, we beseech Thee, let all obtain the grace of God through holy baptism, the sacrament of reconciliation and all other sacraments.

Mystical Rose, Mother of Divine Grace, let us attain to the house of the Heavenly Father, for we are all Thy children and the children of God. Look upon my soul, which through sin is so poor and unworthy.

Mystical Rose, Thou givest to whom Thou willest. I trust in Thee; I open my heart to Thee. Let Thy light irradiate my soul. Make Thy Motherly love, with its measureless and pitiful power; cause my indifferent heart to glow. Fill me with Thy joy, Thy humility and Thy peace!

Mystical Rose, Thou acceptest that Thou art a mother with a special care for all those children who most require Thy help. And so I seek Thy help in all my bodily and spiritual needs. Very particularly, I beg Thee for the following graces (here mention your requests).

Mystical Rose, Thou art the Mother of Jesus Christ and the Mother of Divine Grace. Thou art the Mother of Mercy and the Mother of Life. Thou art our kind Mother and our hope. Enclose me in Thy Immaculate Heart and hear my prayer.


Mystical Rose, pray to Jesus for us (3)

Hail Holy Queen

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