Our Lady of Naju (Korea) and her miracles Part 2

Our Lady sheds Tears

Sister Immanuel Lee from the Naju Parish Church made a floral crown for Our Lady. This photo shows a drop of tear under her chin. even though there was no tears on the statue when the photo was taken.
October 1, 1985)

It was about 11:55 p.m. on June 30, 1985, when the Blessed Mother shed tears for the first time through Her statue in Naju. While Julia Kim was praying the rosary for the conversion of sinners and for the poor, she saw tears on the Blessed Mother’s cheek.

At that time, Julia was not aware of such a miraculous weeping of the Blessed Mother’s statue. She was very surprised and told her husband about the tears. Next morning, they still saw tears flowing on the Blessed Mother’s face. Julia and her family wanted to be silent about this and only prayed. However, the word spread somehow and people began coming to see the miracle. A sister at the parish church scolded Julia for not having told the pastor and the sister first. Soon the pastor and sisters came, followed by more people. Sometimes the number of people who came to see the statue reached 3,000 or even 4,000 per day. The place where the weeping began was the building where Julia’s beauty parlor was located. Later the Blessed Mother’s statue was moved to Julia’s apartment and, then, to the chapel where her statue still is. Until January 14, 1992, the Blessed Mother wept for a total of 700 days, calling us anxiously.

The Blessed Mother’s statue was shedding tears and winked with her left eye. (August 11, 1985)

Source: Mary’s Ark of Salvation, the official website


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