Our Lady of Naju (Korea) and her miracles Part 1

I had often read about the miracles in Naju, Korea in the past but recently, I had been interested to visit this place being a Marian devotee.  I kept reading about it and vowed to organize a pilgrimage there.  I am sharing in this blog all that I have read so far.

On June 30, 1985, the Blessed Mother began weeping through her statue owned by an ordinary housewife, who was operating a beauty salon located near Moohak-dang (a shrine of several Korean martyrs in the 19th Century) in the small city of Naju, Korea. “Naju” in Chinese characters means a town of silk. Naju City indeed is small, but peaceful and beautiful like a stretch of silk. Showing the visible signs of her weeping for a total of 700 days until Jan 14, 1992, the Blessed Mother hasbeen calling us and pleading us, revealing to us her extreme sufferings, sometimes also sweating and shedding blood from her nose. Also for the conversion of sinners, after preparing for 400 days, she exuded fragrant oil from her statue by squeezing her whole body for 700 consecutive days between November 24, 1992 and October 23, 1994. She said that this fragrant oil and the fragrance of roses were signs of her presence, love and friendship. The Blessed Mother has especially warned us about sacrilegious Communions. That all may believe in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist and be saved, she has given us amazing Eucharistic signs. She has also given us many messages of the combined love of Jesus and herself through Julia since July 18, 1985 until February 16, 2003.

This photo was taken after two hours of video taping. Tears did not dry during the video taping despite intense lighting (2, 000W). (July 20, 1985)


St. Paul of the Cross (1694~1774) said, “Meditate often on the sorrows of the Holy Mother, sorrows inseparable from those of her beloved Son. If you seek the Cross, there you will find the Mother, and where the Mother is, there also is the Son.”

God, Who is the Infinite Love, has created human beings and invited them to His Bosom, but humans have resisted His invitation, seeking their own agenda and the vain things in the world, and have alienated themselves from God. Instead of practicing true love, they have trampled each other to achieve their selfish goals.

In order to save the human beings who turned their backs to Him, God sent His Own Son to the world so that He might offer reparations for their sins through His suffering and death on the Cross.

Thus, by relying on the merits of the Savior’s shedding His Blood and observing His Commandment of Love, we can regain eternal life. However, the great majority of people still shun God’s plan of human salvation, continuing to wander in darkness and wasting their precious time. The human society has become flooded with selfishness, hatred, violence, obscenity, abortions, and materialism.

Nevertheless, we still have a sure hope, because the Blessed Mother, who is the Mother of the Savior and our Heavenly Mother, is offering up the prayers of tears to God unceasingly and, at the same time, imploring and helping us shedding tears and tears of blood to repent and reform our lives.

God has willed that a mother be a great gift for us from Him and be an important instrument of His Love for us. It can be said that the most sacrificial and unconditional love in this world is the mother’s love. As God was sending His Own Won to the world, He entrusted the conception, birth, and upbringing of the Savior to the Virgin Mary, who thus was the instrument of God’s Love for the Savior.

God has also given the Blessed Mother to all His children as their true Mother so that they may be saved and protected from moral corruption and dangers and be nurtured with love and truth. God has filled the Blessed Mother with His graces so that she may channel them abundantly to all His children.

The Blessed Mother continues to shed tears and tears of blood while looking at her Son suffering on the Cross and, at the same time, at us who are in constant danger of falling into sins and often refuse to repent our sins. It is possible that we are ignorant of our true miserable conditions and feel self-confident and complacent. It is possible that our hearts become hardened and our spiritual eyes become blind. However, the Blessed Mother, who is in close union with God and is always filled with boundless love, can clearly see our hearts devoid of true love and, instead, filled with the things that are vain and superficial. That is why she is trying to melt and purify our hardened hearts with her immaculate motherly love. If we bend our proud egos and humbly entrust ourselves to the loving hands of the Blessed Mother, she will surely transform us into the faithful children of God. Thus, we can surely lead a life of love, wiping away the Blessed Mother’s tears of blood and turning her sorrows into joys.


Our Lady’s statue exuding fragrant oil

The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Savior, began weeping through her statue owned by Julia Kim in Naju, Korea, on June 30, 1985.

Since then, she has brought many messages and other miraculous signs, urging all her children in the world to hurriedly repent their sins and return to God, His Church, His Truth, and His Love, so that He may heal their sinful souls and restore supernatural life to them. She has especially implored us to be loyal to the Heritage of the Faith that Christ entrusted to His Church two thousand years ago and to love and forgive one another. She has also asked us to respect human lives from the moment of conception in the mother’s womb.

Our Lady wants everyone to convert from a self-centered life to a life of serving God, defending and spreading His Truth, and passing on His Love to everyone on earth.


 1. Tears and tears of blood from Our Lady’s statue 

For a total of 700 days between June 30, 1985 and January 14, 1992. Samples of the bloody tears were tested in a medical laboratory and were found to be human blood. On December 31, 2005, the Blessed Mother shed tears of blood again through her statue for the first time in about fifteen years since January 14, 1992.

 2. Fragrant oil from Our Lady’s statue 

The Blessed Mother giving us Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body on Maundy Thursday

For seven hundred consecutive days from November 24, 1992, to October 23, 1994. In March of 2001, the Blessed Mother resumed exuding fragrant oil. Until now, fragrant oil has continued to exude from Our Lady’s statue. Sometimes, the Blessed Mother sends down fragrant oil on the Blessed Mother’s mountain and on the floor of the Chapel.

 3. Miraculous changes in the Eucharistic species into flesh and blood 

Twelve times between May 1988 and October 1996. The miracle on October 31, 1995, was witnessed by Pope John Paul II during a Mass in the Pope’s private chapel in the Vatican. Bishop Roman Danylak from Toronto, Canada, and Bishop Dominic Su of Sibu, Malaysia, also witnessed the miracles in Naju and Sibu, respectively, and wrote their testimonies expressing their belief in the authenticity of these miracles.

 4. Descent of the Eucharist Ten times between November 24, 1994, and January 6, 2002

A large Sacred Host, already broken in two, came down and landed between Julia’s fingers

The first two miracles were witnessed by the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea during his visit to Naju. On July 1, 1995, seven Sacred Hosts descended. They were consumed by two priests and five lay people including Julia according to the local Archbishop’s instruction. The external appearance of the Sacred Host that Julia received changed into visible Flesh and Blood on her tongue. A sample of this Blood was tested in the medical laboratory at Seoul National University and was found to be human blood. The descent of the Eucharist on June 12, 1997, was witnessed by Bishop Paul Kim of the Cheju Diocese in Korea. The Eucharist again descended on August 27, 1997, during Fr. Raymond Spies’ visit to Naju. An intense fragrance is continuing from the spot on the floor in the Chapel where the Eucharist landed. Most recently, two Sacred Hosts came down miraculously during Mass on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain on April 16, 2005. The two Sacred Hosts bled visibly on May 6, 2005.

 5. Descent of Our Lord’s Precious Blood 

Little rocks stained with Our Lord’s Precious Blood

Our Lord’s Precious Blood came down on the Blessed Mother’s mountain several times between November 9, 2001 and August 15, 2002. Blood samples taken from the Blessed Mother’s Mountain were repeatedly subjected to DNA tests in the Department of Forensic Medicine at Seoul National University, and were found to be male human blood with Type AB.

 6. Spiritual and physical healings 

Numerous people have regained love and peace in their families and returned to the Sacraments. Many were healed physically, especially while repenting their sinful lives after experiencing Our Lady’s love.

 7. Julia’s stigmata 

Bleeding occurred on Julia’s two hands and two feet during hersufferings. Doctors examined Julia and stated that her wounds and bleeding had no medical explanation.


 1. Humans need supernatural truths 

God has endowed all creatures with an order and goodness proper for them so that they may reflect God’s goodness and greatness in various ways. Thus, humans, by observing the beauty and harmony in the universe and reasoning with their intellect, can come to the knowledge of the existence of a good and powerful God, who has not only created the world but sustains it.

Among all the creatures in the world, humans alone have been endowed with intellect and free will and have been called to participate in God’s supernatural life. Human lives are not to end purposelessly after their brief journey on earth. Rather, they have been called to become partakers of God’s life and heirs of His eternal Kingdom. Their lives will be a total failure regardless of any passing successes on earth, unless they achieve their supernatural goal. All other creatures in the world exist for the purpose of helping humans achieve their supernatural goal. (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, #358).

To arrive at their supernatural destiny, humans need the supernatural truths about God and His Will in addition to the natural truths. The reason is that, to desire and attain a goal, one must have knowledge commensurate with that goal. And, because the supernatural truths are beyond the reach of human intellect alone, humans can attain them only through revelations by God. By accepting the revealed truths and conforming their lives to them with the help of God’s grace, humans may be elevated to the supernatural level and participate in His eternal life (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1996 & 1997). Like an iron bar that can glow red, melt and become purified in a furnace, our natural lives can receive the life of God, become sanctified, and give glory to God.  This is the purpose of God’s having created us and the world.

2. The supernatural truth was fully revealed by the incarnate word 

To reveal His truth to humans, God spoke through the prophets. When the fullness of time arrived, He sent His Only Son and, through Him, completed the revelation of the supernatural truths and accomplished the work of human redemption. The Incarnation of God the Son meant that God’s absolute truth, love and life became a reality in the world, drawing all humans to Himself and helping them with the graces flowing from His infinite merits on the Cross. His Incarnation meant that humans could live in the light of the full truth and the perfect Commandment of Love, for which Christ was the perfect example. Furthermore, humans could worship, associate with, and follow the Incarnate God in a most intimate way, because He became one among them. Ours is the time of His visitation.

3. True miracles are certain signs of the divine origin for the revealed truth 

Our natural intellect needs to be aided by the supernatural grace to be able to accept God’s revelations as truth. Even with the help of grace, however, we may still have difficulty in accepting the revealed truth, because we may be too attached to the secular ways of thinking, have prejudices because of our pride and self-interests or have other reasons. Therefore, God often sends miraculous signs together with His revelations to help our accepting the revealed truth. Miracles are supernatural phenomena, transcending the natural order, and yet can be recognized with our natural senses and intellect. Thus, they are signs or symptoms of a supernatural reality intervening in the natural world. There were many miracles in the Old-Testament era to confirm God’s messages through His prophets and many more amazing miracles during Christ’s public life to support His teaching and work. God the Son’s Incarnation was the pinnacle of God’s intervention in our world. It was the greatest supernatural reality that became physically present in the natural world. This reality normally remains hidden as a mystery, because God demands faith from us, but it should not surprise anyone that it sometimes manifests itself through miracles to help people accept the supernatural reality more easily. There are many accounts about the miracles performed by Christ in the Gospels. For example:

The works that the Father gave me to accomplish, these works that I perform testify on my behalf that the Father has sent me (John 5:36).

Although he had performed so many signs in their presence they did not believe in him . . . For they preferred human praise to the glory of God (John 12:37 & 43) 

So then the Lord Jesus, after he spoke to them, was taken up into heaven and took his seat at the right hand of God. But they went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through accompanying signs (Mark 16: 19-20). 

The Church has announced an infallible teaching against the modernist thinking that denies the possibility of miracles and the role that miracles play in Christ’s work of human salvation:

If anyone shall have said that miracles are not possible, and hence that all accounts of them, even those contained in Sacred Scripture, are to be banished among the fables and myths; or, that miracles can never be known with certitude, and that the divine origin of the Christian religion cannot be correctly proved by them: let him be anathema (Vatican Council I, DS #3034).

The Church also teaches:

In order that the “obedience” of our faith should be “consonant with reason,” God has willed that to the internal aids of the Holy Spirit there should be joined external proofs of His revelation, namely: divine facts, especially miracles and prophecies which, because they clearly show forth the omnipotence and infinite knowledge of God, are most certain signs of a divine revelation, and are suited to the intelligence of all (Vatican Council I, DS #3009).

Thus, true miracles are not just unusual phenomena but certain signs from God that confirm the divine origin of the revealed teachings and, therefore, their absolute truthfulness. Their purpose may also be to deepen our understanding of the truths already revealed and to prod us to a more faithful and diligent adherence to the revealed teachings, especially in times of complacency and negligence. True signs from God confer moral obligations on His people to respond to them with faith and filial love. Our Lord said: If I had not done works among them that no one else ever did, they would not have sin (John 15:24). While the true miracles contain meaning and purpose from God, other unusual phenomena are empty and lead us away from God.

4. The miracles in Naju 

In this context, the numerous miraculous signs being reported in Naju, Korea, deserve a serious examination, because, if they are genuine, they can be extremely important signs from God for the whole Church. They can provide us with a decisive opportunity as well as energy to overcome the current crisis in faith and morals. If we keep our minds closed and deny even the possibility of their being true miracles, we are putting ourselves in a perilous situation by contradicting the Church teachings quoted above. What is needed is to sincerely discern them and, if they are genuine, to study their meanings and respond to them. The Church teaches: Guided by the magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #67). Therefore, the faithful must not keep their minds closed but carefully discern the reported miracles, relying on the Church teachings and praying for the light from the Holy Spirit. Private discernment, however, is to be subjected to the official discernment by the proper Church authority which is entrusted by the Lord with the task of conducting objective and thorough examinations of the reported supernatural events in conformity with the Church teachings.

 a. Tears and tears of blood 

The Blessed Mother said in Naju (October 19, 1987), “Tears are important, but more important are the messages that I am giving you.” Therefore, our main concern should not be with the unusual aspect of these signs but with the meaning contained in them. We must understand why Our Lady is weeping so sorrowfully instead of continuing her peaceful appearance to which we are more accustomed. Without this understanding, her tears and tears of blood may even seem repulsive, as Christ’s Passion has been a stumbling block to many.

The Blessed Mother is the Mother of Christ and of the Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ. Then, she must also be the Mother of the members of the Church. Therefore, we must not remain indifferent like bystanders, but try to understand her reasons and to wipe away her tears by doing what she is imploring us to do. The Blessed Mother, who is most intimately united with the Triune God, is weeping, because she loves us so much and does not want any of us to remain disobedient to God and walk toward perdition.

Of course, Naju is not the first place where the devotion to Mary has been emphasized. The Blessed Mother has been playing an essential role for human redemption and sanctification throughout Church history, as clearly seen in the lives of the Saints. We live in an age of self-glorification and materialism where the faith in the Incarnate Word has become so diluted and the devotion to Our Lady has been pushed to the back corner. The Church is a big family of God. By neglecting and distancing the Mother, serious problems have been developing in that family. God wants us, by witnessing His signs, to restore our loving trust in the Blessed Mother and regain a firm faith in the Incarnate God the Son and His teachings through the Church.

b. The fragrant oil and fragrance 

The Blessed Mother gave us fragrant oil for 700 consecutive days through her statue in Naju (from November 24, 1992 to October 23, 1994) and fragrance on numerous occasions. She said that these signs were gifts from God and represented her presence, love and friendship for us (See her message on April 8, 1993). In her messages, the Blessed Mother has repeatedly promised us her constant presence with us. But, too often, our faith is weak and our trust in her presence and protection becomes shaken. While we spread her messages, for example, we easily become discouraged because of obstacles. This will, however, disappoint the Blessed Mother. She sometimes sends external signs to encourage us, but we must remain faithful even without any external encouragements.

c. Eucharistic miracles (1) 

There have been twelve Eucharistic miracles through Julia Kim, which involved the change of the Eucharistic species of bread and wine into those of flesh and blood. It is not that bread and wine changed into Christ’s Body and Blood through these miracles, because the substantial changes of bread and wine into Our Lord’s Body and Blood occur in every Mass through consecration by the priest. What happened during the Eucharistic miracles was changes in the external species only for the purpose of manifesting the true reality of the Eucharist, which is the substantial and total presence of Our Lord in the Sacrament. Through these miracles, God wants to reawaken us to the true reality of the Eucharist. The modernist influences in the Church have brought about a widespread equivocation of the concept of sin and neglect of the Sacrament of Confession and penance. When the meaning of sin is equivocated, the role of the Savior may also seem unclear. If we are not sure about why Christ died on the Cross, we are not going to appreciate His Sacrifice and Real Presence being perpetuated through the Mass and the Eucharist, either. Our Lord and Our Lady continue suffering much because of our neglect of the Blessed Sacrament and the prevalence of sacrilegious Communions.

d. Eucharistic miracles (2) 

In addition to the above-mentioned miracles that involved changes in the external appearances of the Eucharist, there have also been seven other miracles which involved a sudden descent of the Eucharist in the Chapel in Naju. The total number of the Eucharistic miracles, therefore, has been nineteen.

Then, what is the meaning of these miracles which did not involve changes in appearances? To what truth are they drawing us?

The first among these seven such miracles occurred on November 24, 1994 when Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea, was visiting the Chapel in Naju as an official representative of the Holy Father. While he was praying together with Fr. Spies, Julia and others, a large Sacred Host, already broken into two, suddenly appeared between Julia’s fingers on both hands. The Blessed Mother said in her message that she had St. Michael the Archangel bring the Eucharist from a Mass where the priest, who was in sin, was about to consume the Eucharist.

A lesson of this miracle seems to be that priests must strive for a high level of sanctity and strong faith, because they are the Savior’s ministers. Also, the Blessed Mother seems to be asking the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and all of us to make the truth about the Eucharist known.

e. Eucharistic miracles (3) 

Among the seven miracles mentioned above, the two miracles on July 1, 1995 and July 1, 1996 seem to have a very special meaning, drawing us to a truth that has been so neglected, even though it has always been part of the official teaching of the Church.

On those two occasions, Julia saw the wooden Crucifix above the Blessed Mother’s statue in the Chapel in Naju turning into the live Jesus during the overnight prayer meeting. She saw Jesus bleeding from His Seven Wounds (His forehead, Heart, side, two hands and two feet) and His Blood turning into seven white Sacred Hosts and descending. The descent of the Sacred Hosts was witnessed by many in the Chapel. On July 1, 1995, the Sacred Hosts landed on the altar before the Blessed Mother’s statue and, on July 1, 1996, the Sacred Hosts entered Julia’s mouth.

The lesson of these two signs seems to be that we must never forget that the Eucharist is Our Lord Himself Who was the Sacrificial Victim on the Cross two thousand years ago and is still offering up the same sacrifice for our sake, because His Passion is a reality that is present in the entire human history (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1085).

The sacrificial nature of the Mass and the Eucharist has always been an essential part of the Catholic Faith, but has been so neglected in recent decades. Some say that God is infinitely merciful and, therefore, He would not mind our mistakes. Of course, God is infinitely merciful and will forgive any repentant sinner. We also need to remember that God is not only infinitely merciful but infinitely holy, loving and just also and, therefore, cannot accept into Himself and His Kingdom whatever is not holy, loving and just. For an analogy, if some materials are brought near the sun, they will not stand the immense heat and will burn instantaneously. Likewise, only when all our sins are forgiven and all the required penance is completed either in this world or in purgatory, will we be admitted into God’s Kingdom. Therefore, we must beware of the modernist thinking that encourages people to ignore the reality of sin and the need for Confession and penance. Only when we overcome this error and replace it with a firm adherence to the authentic teachings of the Church, will we be able to understand the Blessed Mother’s messages and signs and overcome the current crisis in faith.

The Passion of Christ two thousand years ago more than fully compensated for all human sins. It is not necessary that Christ suffer any more. The reality of Christ’s Life on earth, however, was not confined to His historical time and space but is present in all times. Christ died not just for the people during and before His time, but for everyone from the beginning of the world until the end and, likewise, the graces from His suffering can flow into every soul in all times. God the Son’s Incarnation, Passion and Resurrection is an ever-present reality, in which we are constantly being called to participate more deeply. This has been the main theme in Naju ever since the beginning of the signs there.

Sacred statues and paintings are reminders of the continuing reality of Christ’s Incarnation and Passion. The Angelus, the rosary, the Stations of the Cross, meditation, spiritual reading, self-denial, charitable works and so on are the means by which we can deepen our awareness of and union with Christ’s presence and work. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the climax of the reality of Christ’s Incarnation and Passion present among us, as it is the true re-presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary.

f. The Blessed Mother, the Helper to Christ Our Redeemer 

Because the Passion of Christ is present in the entire span of human history and the Blessed Mother is inseparably associated with Christ’s redemptive work, it is clear that the Blessed Mother’s role as the Helper to Christ is also present and at work for all humans in all ages. In Naju, the Blessed Mother has called herself “the Helper to Christ” and “the Co-Redemptrix.” This does not mean that there are two Saviors. It only means that, as the Mother of the Savior and the Second Eve who assists the Savior, she plays an essential role in Christ’s Redemptive Work. In fact, everyone who responds to Christ’s call to deny himself, carry his cross, and follow Him (See Mark 8:34) is a little helper in redemption and a little co-redeemer or co-redemptrix. Christ accomplished human redemption as the head of His Mystical Body; but the task remains for the members of that Body to complete the growth and sanctification of the whole Body of the Church with the graces from Christ.

Among all the members of the Church, the Blessed Mother is the Helper to Christ and the Co-Redemptrix in the most special and exalted way, because she has been chosen to be the Mother of God, preserved from all sins from the moment of her Conception and is filled with love, humility, and sanctity that flows from God. She not only helped Christ during His life on earth, but continues her essential role as the Mother of the Church until the end of the world. As the Woman who will crush the head of the serpent, as predicted in Genesis 3:13, her role will become more clearly manifested in the latter times (See True Devotion to Mary, #54 — St. Louis De Montfort).

In Naju, the Blessed Mother wept for a total of 700 days through her statue. Many people may be wondering if these signs are real or just have a dramatic symbolic meaning. How can she suffer and weep tears and tears of blood, when she is in perfect happiness in Heaven?

As mentioned already, Christ’s Incarnation and Redemptive Work is present in the entire human history and the Blessed Mother is inseparably associated with Christ’s Presence and Work. Therefore, her tears and tears of blood in Naju (and elsewhere) are not empty symbols or an exaggeration but a true reality. It is not an addition to what she already suffered two thousand years ago. But her life as the Helper to Christ is made present at all times as true reality. We are also being called to be part of that reality as her true and faithful children.

 5. Conclusion 

We can learn from Church history that the miracles that occurred in Naju had occurred elsewhere also. Naju is unique, however, in that all those miracles occurred at one place in such a large number and intensity for the past fourteen years. If the miracles in Naju are genuine, they must have a divine content that is beyond our adequate comprehension at this time. The messages and signs in Naju need to be studied and explained by the theologians and meditated on and responded to by all the faithful in the years to come. It seems certain, though, that God is preparing tremendous graces for the universal Church and the whole world. God’s actual pouring down His graces upon us, however, depends on our response. So far, most people in the world have not even heard about Naju yet and most of those who have seem to remain indifferent and hesitant. The absence of an official Church approval yet may be one factor. More importantly, true messages and signs are not for satisfying our curiosity or presenting an easier way to Heaven than what the Church teaches but are for a true conversion of our hearts and lives and acceptance of Christ’s Cross as the only way to our salvation, which is something that we are often tempted to resist. What Naju presents to us is the lesson of the cross as the only sign of true love plus the Mother’s love and encouragement so that we may carry the cross well.

Sang M. Lee Mary’s Touch By Mail 


Her original name is Hong-Sun Youn. Julia is her baptismal name and Kim is her husband’s last name. She was born in Naju in 1947. Her father was a school teacher and a scholar in Chinese literature. In 1950, when the Korean War broke out, her grandfather and father were killed by the Communist soldiers. Her younger sister also died of an illness. Julia, with her mother, began experiencing extreme poverty and had to work hard for survival. She could not finish junior high school because of the poverty.

In 1972, Julia married Julio Kim. Julio worked for the City of Naju, in its agricultural department. They have four children – two sons and two daughters. Later, Julia’s health deteriorated because of cancer and other accompanying illnesses. After several surgeries, her doctors said there was no hope.

While Julia was waiting for death, her husband took her to a Catholic priest. After hearing Julia’s story, the priest consoled her by saying that her sufferings were blessings from God. Julia felt her body becoming warm and sweating and was soon healed completely. She began a fervent prayer life. She opened a beauty salon and became quite successful. (A few years later, she closed the salon)

One night, at 3 a.m., Julia saw a vision of Our Lord bleeding miserably, especially from His Heart, which was torn by human sins. Julia was deeply moved and promised a life of reparation for the sins in the world. Miraculously, she began suffering severe pains again. Julia also received the Stigmata, the wounds of Our Lord. These Stigmata usually last for several days and disappear.

They reappear later. On June 30, 1985, Julia saw Our Lady’s statue in her room weeping for the first time. Two and a half weeks later, on July 18, she received the first message from Our Lady. On October 19, 1986, clear tears turned into tears of blood. Julia has continued receiving messages and suffering pains.

Other miracles have also continued — fragrant oil from Our Lady’s statue, the fragrance of roses, healings of incurable illnesses, Eucharistic miracles, and the descent of Our Lord’s Precious Blood. She offer her sufferings up to the Lord and praying so that she is being participated in the pains of Jeusu ; “No matter how unworthy I am and continuously groaning from the sufferings caused by illnesses, how graciously and happily I receive the sufferings so that my little offering though like specks of dust may contribute to the work of salvation by the Lord.” Amen !

 Julia’s Personal Testimony 
 The amazing Love of God saved me from death and gave me a new life “

As I look back at my past life, my mind becomes filled with amazement at God’s Providence” 

1. Early happiness taken away by the war

I was born on March 3, 1947 in Naju as the first child of the family. Until I was four, my life had been a continuation of happiness. I was the darling child in the family. Happy days were over, however, when the Korean War broke out. My father and grandfather were killed during the war, and soon my younger sister died, too. My mother and I were the only survivors. We had to struggle with extreme poverty and other difficulties. In 1972, I married Julio Kim, who was the eldest among eight. I became the mother of two sons and two daughters. I had to discontinue my study during the junior high school because of poverty, even though I was anxious to study more. Instead, I had to work hard to support my brother-in-law’s education.

2. Crisis in health

I was four months pregnant with my third baby. While I was doing housework, carrying my second baby on my back, there was some bleeding. I went to a gynecologist, who said that the baby in my womb was dead and that I needed surgery. I refused to believe that the baby was dead. The doctor then asked my husband if he wanted me to live or die. I was tied to the surgery table and was operated on. It was the beginning of my sufferings.

I had a second surgery seven days later. One day after the second surgery, I was almost dead and was moved to a larger hospital. Three days later, I regained consciousness, but remained in a serious condition. I tried many things to improve my health, but none of them helped. The gynecologist said that it might help if I had another baby. After much difficulty, I became pregnant.

Labor began in the ninth month of the pregnancy, but the baby could not be delivered. The doctor suggested a Caesarean operation, but my mother-in-law insisted on a natural birth. To obey her, I continued suffering terrible pains for the next two months. My mother could not watch me in that condition any longer and brought some medicine from a herbal doctor. I took the medicine and delivered the baby in the eleventh month of the pregnancy. I lost a large quantity of blood and became unconscious.

Two weeks later, my mother-in-law came and told me to go out and buy some rice. While I was returning home with the rice, I found myself bleeding again. Severe pains continued through the night, and my feet became swollen. I cried a lot when I was alone.

One day when the baby was four months old, I was doing some laundry at a creek and, suddenly, found the baby being swept away in the creek. I plunged into water and pulled the baby out. Soon, I got a fever and severe pains in my belly. The doctor said that I had appendicitis and sent me to a larger hospital in Gwangju. Test results showed that I had inflammation in the pelvis, appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, and a fever. I seemed to be nearing death. I felt like going to the bathroom, but, instead, was taken to the operating room, and the surgery began.

For one week after the surgery, I was throwing up what I ate. I had trouble walking to the bathroom. Nurses complained that I was exaggerating and kicked me on my legs. After I came home, pains became worse.

About a month after the surgery, something was coming out together with blood and pus from where the surgery was done. Rosa, my eldest daughter, was crying loudly and screamed, “Mommy! Your intestines! What should we do? Mommy! What should we do?” We embraced each other and cried. We found out that it was the gauze that doctors forgot to remove during the surgery.

I visited a country clinic every day. Blood and pus continued flowing out for three months. I went back to the larger hospital where the operation had been done. Doctors said that, because of substantial inflammation, I needed another surgery. I refused, because I did not have money. I continued visiting the country clinic, and the pains continued.

The condition was worsening, and pains were becoming unbearable. I was hospitalized again, but it was too late. The doctor said, “We did our best. Go home and eat delicious food.” He found a widespread cancer in my body. When he tried to show it to my husband, I was startled and stopped him. I thought I would rather die than show the cancer to my husband.

After hearing the death sentence at the hospital, I came home but did not give up. I did not want to dishearten my mother who had only me to depend on since when she was 27. I struggled, but could not even stand or sit. The parts of my body which were touching the floor were hardening. My mother and husband took turns to massage me, but my body was becoming colder. The blood pressure was 50 over 40. I could not eat or drink. Because of problems in my veins, I could not even get I.V. injections.

Despite all that, I was still alive. Several women belonging to a Presbyterian church took me to their church and brought me back home several times, even though I wanted to go to a Catholic church. One day two Presbyterian women visited me and consoled me. When they were leaving, they said to each other outside the room, “What a pitiful woman! Life is precious, but she would be helping her family by dying.” “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that?” I prepared cyanide and wrote seven letters to my mother, husband, four children, and whoever might be my husband’s next wife.

 3. Light shines at long last

As I was thinking about my father and about to carry out the plan, my husband suddenly came home from work earlier than usual and said, “Honey! Let’s visit a Catholic church today.” So, we went to a Catholic church in Naju.

To the priest, I said, “Father! If there really is God, He is too cruel. Why should I drink this bitter cup (= death)? What did I do to deserve it?” I thought it was not fair. I thought that I had lived a good life despite so many adversities. I had helped many beggars, I had not confronted those who had hurt me.

Then, the priest said, “Ma’am, you are receiving graces through your body. Even I have not received such graces. Believe what I say.” When I heard these words from the priest, I believed and responded by saying, “Amen.” At that moment, my body, which had been cold like a rock, was becoming hot and I was sweating all over my body. The Holy Spirit was working in me. We decided to become Catholics and bought several items at the Parish gift shop. I placed a statue of the Blessed Mother and a rose on my clothes chest and lit a candlelight. I began to pray.

On the third day, I heard the voice of Jesus: Approach the Bible. The Bible is My living Word. I opened the Bible immediately and was reading Luke 8:40-48. It was about a woman who had a hemorrhage for twelve years. She had the faith that if she touched the tassel on the Lord’s cloak, she would be healed. When she touched Him and was healed immediately, Jesus said to her, “Woman, your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” There also was the story about Jairus?daughter. The Lord told Jairus, “Do not be afraid; just have faith, and your daughter will live.” Because Jairus believed Jesus, his daughter lived again. I believed that these words were for me also and, with a firm belief, responded with “Amen!” At that moment, I was completely cured of the cancer and all the accompanying illnesses.

I felt like running or even flying. I began going to the Catholic church and also opened a beauty parlor. I joined the charismatic movement and the Legio Marie. My life was filled with joy and love.

4. The Lord opens the gate of Heaven after my repentance 

It was December of 1980. During an overnight prayer meeting, the leader said, “Tonight someone will receive special graces.” I believed that it would be realized to me also. At about 3 a.m., the leader asked people, “What do you want?” Immediately, I prayed fervently, “Lord, I want to grow spiritually. I want my spiritual growth.” In response, the Lord showed me extremely surprising scenes. I was so surprised that I felt as if my body was becoming paralyzed.

What the Lord showed me was a replay of everything that had happened in my life.  I was beaten numerous times by an uncle while working in his home; I was working in a factory day and evening every day without ever receiving pay; I was beaten up by several women who were doing business with me, because they did not want to return to me the money that I had invested in the business; I was mistreated many times, because my father was not alive; and many other happenings that I did not want to remember. I began crying bitterly, realizing that, humanly speaking, it would have been impossible for me to have lived thus far, but it was the Lord Who has kept me.

I also prayed for those who inflicted pains on me: Lord, have mercy on those numerous people. They did what they did because of me. They were Your instruments for tempering me. Therefore, they are victims because of me. I could not help crying wildly, because I realized that they suffered harms because of me. “Lord! Forgive this sinner. Forgive this sinner. ” I kept asking for forgiveness.

While I was deeply repenting and asking for forgiveness, the gate of Heaven suddenly opened and a bright light poured down upon me. I also heard the following words three times: The gate of Heaven is open. I became a very little, lowly person and prayed anxiously, “Lord, open my heart further. Open it more.” Until then, I had thought that I had lived a good life and had never made any mistake. Such pride was replaced by a deep realization that I was the greatest sinner. My body hardened again. I came home, supported by others. While lying down, I prayed, “Lord, whether I live or die, I leave it to You.” I offered up myself to the Lord.

5. The Lord’s call to a mission 

Three days later, I heard the Lord’s voice again: Daughter! God has worked in His servant’s heart. Get up hurriedly! I will make Myself known through you, who are unworthy.

When I heard these words, I was so surprised that I stood up right away. I knew that I was healthy again. I felt like flying. The Lord resurrected three days after death. He raised me up on the third day of my illness and repentance. “Yes, Lord! I am totally Yours. Use me according to Your Will.”

For the next three years, the Lord allowed me everything that I wanted ?even those things that I had in my mind only briefly. At every moment, the Lord showed me that there was nothing that was impossible to God. The

Lord also let me see the inside of other people’s minds and understand the nature of others?illnesses. Because of this, I felt unbearable pains. The Lord showed me that those who were doing the Lord’s work and were thinking that they were close to Him were inflicting greater pains on Him and crucifying Him with bigger nails. I prayed hard for them.

When Jesus was entering Jerusalem riding a donkey, many people were welcoming Him placing palm leaves and their clothes in front of the donkey. What if the donkey thought that people were welcoming him instead of the Lord? What will happen to Jesus Who is riding the donkey, if the donkey jumps up and down with joy? Yes, while we work to make the Lord known, we can fail to be humble and think that we are the ones who are doing the work. Then, we will make the Lord fall on the ground. The thought that this can happen to me also sent a chill down my spine. When I was participating in the charismatic movement, many people liked me and made me stand in front of people. But now I wished that I could work in humility and hiding. I prayed, “Lord, I saw enough. Please do not show me any more. If it can be of any use for the conversion of sinners who are crucifying the Lord, I will gladly live a life of suffering.” “Lord!, I am so unworthy, but, if it can be of even the tiniest help to the Lord’s Work, I will gladly offer up my sufferings.” So, I consecrated myself and my sufferings for the conversion of sinners. Julia with Julio, her husband, in a church in Cana, Israel (May 24, 1992) Since that time, I received extreme pains numerous times. Three years later, I was preparing for death again. While I was going to the Holy Hour prayer meeting in Kwangju(=Gwangju), I prayed, “Lord, I am Yours, if I die. I am Yours, if I live. Your Will be done.” During the prayer meeting, I was completely healed.

Since then, the Lord allowed me more sufferings and restored my health as needed. From June 30, 1985, the Lord gave us His Mother’s tears and tears of blood through her statue in our home and, later, fragrant oil through the same statue. He also sent us many messages that are necessary to all of us.

The Lord also revealed visible changes in the Sacred Host and caused the descent of the Sacred Host in the Chapel in Naju on several occasions, because so many children do not accept that the Lord comes to us as our Food because of His Love for us. I, a sinner, only hope and pray that all will amend their lives according to the Blessed Mother’s messages, come aboard the Mary’s Ark of Salvation, and be saved. What I want for myself is to live in hiding, looking after the deserted in the world. Glory be to the Lord alone!

Lord, my Light and my Savior! Love is beautiful and sweet, but also is sacrifice and sweat. To make a beautiful flower of love blossom, I want to love even the bitter cold of winter and offer up the pains that visit me without ceasing, imitating the martyrs. I wish to be a comforter for You like a grain of wheat that falls to the ground and dies to bear many fruits.


Jesus and the Blessed Mother said in Their messages that, because love has been annihilated, unity cannot be achieved, and, because of this, the sounds of humans screaming to each other in sins turn into the pain-causing sounds of wars and reach the skies, provoking God’s wrath. They also said that sinners will repent and the clergy and the religious will achieve unity in love thanks to Julia’s suffering the pains of the crown of thorns, the pains of crucifixion, the pains of fire flaming up in the Sacred Heart, the pains of Fr. Andrew Dae-Gun Kim’s martyrdom, and the pains of reparation for abortions.

In one of her visions during the Holy Hour prayer meeting in 1981, Julia saw the part of Jesus’ clothes covering His chest open and His Heart become visible and torn apart and bleed miserably. She cried out loudly without paying attention to people surrounding and watching her: “Oh, Lord! My Lord! What can I do about Your torn Heart?” Then, Jesus responded with a loud voice: “My Heart becomes torn apart mercilessly like this whenever people commit sins. I want at least you who know Me to sew up My torn Heart.” Julia screamed loudly: “Oh, Lord! I will sew up the Lord’s torn Heart. I will sew it up.” Those who were around her also wept, struck with awe and reverence.

Since then, Julia has been participating in the sufferings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother caused by the sins committed by the children in the world. She has been willingly asking for more pains in order to practice charity and has been living a consecrated life of self-denial, poverty, and sacrifice.

She kept on saying  “No matter how unworthy I am and continuously groaning from the sufferings caused by illnesses, how graciously and happily I receive the sufferings so that my little offering though like specks of dust may contribute to the work of salvation by the Lord.” Amen !

 To be continued…….

Source: Mary’s Ark of Salvation, the official website


5 thoughts on “Our Lady of Naju (Korea) and her miracles Part 1

  1. The work of Our Lord through Our Lady in us poor mortals has been most encouraging. It’s my first time to hear about these miracles (Naju) and how you have increased my faith and love in Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist! May we benefit from Julia’s apostolate in our time and receive all the Graces intended by Our Father. God bless you for the good work. Praised forever be Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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  3. Thank you for this narrative and teaching. Julia’s story is making me question many things now. I hope to get closer to our dear Lord, through her exemplary life. She is a living saint.

    Please correct a typographical error somewhere in the beginning. I believe “His Own” was meant to say “His Son.” Thank you.

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