How many more Pope’s to go?

I am watching television right now as Pope Benedict is leaving the Vatican for Castel Gandolfo.  A thought suddenly entered my mind.  Just over a year ago, I again visited St. Paul outside the walls where you can see photos of all the Popes since St. Peter.

Legend says, once the empty frames are filled up, the world will end.  There are still a few empty round frames (upper right of the photo collage) and I was saying to myself, I will not see the frames filled in my lifetime however who would think the current Pope will resign?

I still remember right after college we were fortunate to have a private audience with the then new Pope, Pope John Paul 1.  Who would think that on that same month as we were traveling in Europe, he would die?

Five Pope’s during my lifetime and now going on 6.  We need to pray a lot for whoever will replace Pope Benedict.


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