My Angel woke me up!

It was the first day of simbang gabi.  Last night I attended a party in QC which ended up late and in addition to the more than 2 hours travel time back and forth with all the christmas holiday traffic, I sure was exhausted.

When I got home, I just had time to change my clothes and download emails and I fell flat on bad forgetting to even clear my make up 🙂

I placed an alarm in my ipad for 4am. I even forgot to add another on my iPhone.  I intended to rest a bit before taking of my make up and adding another alarm just to be sure but I fell asleep.  It was not a deep sleep cause I left the TV opened and I could somehow hear it at times.

Anyway, my eyes suddenly opened and when I looked at the clock it was 4am exactly! Oh my goodness, my guardian angel woke me up!  I realized later that I would not have awaken from the alarm since the volume on my iPad was close to zero.

I thanked the Lord for sending my guardian angel to awaken me cause I intended to complete the 9 days novena of masses.  I was not able to do so last year because I went out of the country during the season.

The church was overflowing with mass goers.  It usually happens the first few days then the number dwindles.  We will see how many can still muster the strength to wake up daily that early.  There is a 930pm version though and perhaps I will attend that later just to be sure 🙂  I really want to do the whole 9 days just as I did in the past.

God sure works miracles and this was His second miracle He gave me this month.


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