Warning on the 2nd Coming

I just came across The Warning website which talks about events that will lead to the second coming of Christ.  There were a couple of such sites I read in the past however this caught my interest.

There were many prayers and a write up about Garabandal which I first noticed then I checked on the background and found this:

This site has been set up to publish a series of divine messages which a Roman Catholic married mother of a young family living in Europe says she has been receiving from Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity as well as by the Virgin Mary who she says wishes to be known by a new title “Mother of Salvation”.The woman wishes to be known by the name Maria Divine Mercy and says that it is the wish of Jesus that she remains anonymous to protect her family and to avoid any disraction from the messages. The term Divine Mercy is used in her name because The Warning, a supernatural event, an act of Divine Intervention to save the world by God, is a manifestation of The Divine Mercy.The messages have been received by her since November 2010 and are still ongoing. Over 650 have been received along with 84 Crusade Prayers. According to independent theologians the messages reinforce the Catholic teachings of faith and morals. Maria has been given the support of a number of believers including hundreds of priests and Christian volunteers from all over the world, to enable them to be revealed quickly to the world. They are, she says, being revealed to the world for its own good and that of others.
The messages have been translated into 29 languages already.
Whether officially approved by the Church or otherwise, through perchance worthy of pious credence, Catholic individuals are not morally obliged to espouse the messages emanating from any source of private revelation (e.g. apparitions, interior locutions and so forth). Unlike public revelation i.e. Sacred Scripture0 the Church herself has no providential protection in the realm of private revelations.
Maria accepts that in the case of those who claim to receive messages of a divine nature that they need to be treated with extreme caution. As such she has made them readily available to the Catholic Church for full examination and has done right from the beginning of this mission.

The Urgency of the Messages

The messages are being revealed to the world quickly because, she says “we don’t have much time before these events unfold in the world and people have a right to know the truth so they can examine their lives in the hope that their souls can be saved.”
Maria says that Jesus will give the world the proof they need to to know that God exists through an event he calls The Warning. He said it is an Act of Divine Intervention to restore the faith of believers and to convert non-believers.
This event will take place in the world very soon and will be witnessed by every one over the age of reason. It will seem to last for 15 minutes and will cause a feeling like the burning pain of Purgatory for everyone depending on the state of their souls.
Jesus wants to save everyone including the most hardened of sinners. All those who repent will be saved. Those who won’t will be given time to do. Jesus asks that the rest of those who love Him pray for these souls because it is still possible to save them through prayer and suffering.
The reason why The Warning will take place is because God is ever merciful and wants to give people a chance to repent so they can enter Heaven after His Son, Jesus Christ, comes back to judge during The Second Coming.
Maria say the messages are also been given to help prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ which will follow The Warning. She does not know when because Jesus told her he himself does not know that only God the Father knows. It will be preceded by a period known as the Great Tribulation (a period of three and a half years – we are already going through the first three and a half years).
She says she has been instructed, by Jesus Christ not to analyze the messages or add any personal interpretation or views. Jesus told her that he is the Author and she is only the writer and that the messages are to be published exactly as they were received by her – with no changes whatsoever made to the content.
She accepts that divine revelations are not necessary to one’s belief in God. They are, according to Maria, being given to help improve people’s faith and help them prepare for events in the world which she says relate to the period of time which precedes the Second Coming of Christ.
Maria’s messages reinforce the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding faith and morals and have been given to mankind by Jesus Christ to help re-evangelize the world so that souls can be saved before the Second Coming – the final Judgment.
The messages are received by her in what is known as inner locutions but she also sees daily visions of Jesus she says after prayer. In the case of messages she receives from the Blessed Virgin they are preceded by private apparitions of the Virgin Mary in her home. When God the Father gives her messages she sees the vision of Jesus first and then she is shown a brief vision of God the Father but his visons are brief. He looks different to Jesus, is only slightly older and his facial features are different.
Prayer will help avert global disasters but, unfortunately, according to Maria there is not enough prayer in the world so the wrath of God will now descend on the world with immediate effect. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, floods, heat waves and volcanic eruptions will now escalate and intensify.
Jesus has told Maria that the messages have been revealed to her as The Book of Truth – the last series of Divine Messages being imparted to the world before The Second Coming and have been foretold in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation. They are of divine origin and are given out of the pure love that God has for all his children.
Maria was told by Jesus that she is the 7th Messenger, the 7th Angel sent to reveal to the world the contents of the Seals in the Book of Revelation which can only be opened by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. He will open the Seals and reveal, in advance, the contents. Maria has to publish them as each Seal is opened. He has told her she is the end time prophet.
At present Maria is receiving spiritual guidance from the Catholic Church.

When Fr. Richie suggested to include Garabandal in our Marian Tour I was suprised.  He said however it may not be that popular now because the apparition in that place was all about the end of times.  when I read the mention of this spanish city, I saw the hand of the Lord:
My dearly beloved daughter we have come a long way in such a short time. That was for a reason. For it was all the time needed to impart My most holy word in a world starving of My love. Still they do not listen. Because they do not want to know. While many of My loyal followers are alert now to the changes coming so many have no interest, whatsoever, in the warnings givens to the world by My Beloved Mother up to now. The prophecies given at Garabandal will now become a reality. Prepare now for this event for you have only a few months left to prepare your souls.
Please do not fear My daughter for I know that these events have made you sad because you are thinking of your children’s future. The Warning will change everything. But it will present a fork in the road. Mankind, when having been woken up to the truth of the existence of God will then, through his own free will chose one of two paths. The path of salvation. Or the path of damnation.

Perhaps we also have a mission to remind our people of this timely  message.  So many changes have been happening around the world and in my beloved country, all in the name of modernism however, I personally feel it is against our faith.  All I can do is pray for I do believe with so much prayers, miracles can happen.

Lastly, beside the messages, and list of prayers, there are video prayers too such as the one below:


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