Prophecy at Garabandal will now become a reality

My dearly beloved daughter we have come a long way in such a short time. That was for a reason. For it was all the time needed to impart My most holy word in a world starving of My love. Still they do not listen. Because they do not want to know. While many of My loyal followers are alert now to the changes coming so many have no interest, whatsoever, in the warnings givens to the world by My Beloved Mother up to now. The prophecies given at Garabandal will now become a reality. Prepare now for this event for you have only a few months left to prepare your souls.
Please do not fear My daughter for I know that these events have made you sad because you are thinking of your children’s future. The Warning will change everything. But it will present a fork in the road. Mankind, when having been woken up to the truth of the existence of God will then, through his own free will chose one of two paths. The path of salvation. Or the path of damnation.
Chastisement will wipe out much of the world
Pray hard that man chooses the first. For if he doesn’t the world will suffer the most severe chastisement with much of it wiped out. Why would My children wish this? Yet, because of sin, man will sadly chose to ignore My promise and follow the path of the Deceiver. I have told you I will not give  you a date for The Warning for this is known by only a few chosen souls. For if this date were to be made public people would be tempted to seek redemption out of a sense of false humility. Trust in Me. All will be well children. You are blessed to be given this wonderful gift of Revelation. The world will now seem to  become quieter and somewhat strange in the coming months leading up to The Warning. For when it happens , spectacular though it will be visually in the sky so quiet will this mystical experience be that you will be more prepared for this silent encounter with your own conscience.
Remember the more people that are forewarned of this event the more souls will be saved. Pray pray My Divine Mercy for those souls who will die during The Warning. They need your prayers.
Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ.
Source:  The Warning

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