Mama Mary said to fall on our knees so God will intervene because we are fighting the power of darkness.

I tried to look for an old message of Mama Mary sent through the visionary Emma de Guzman and found it here.  Very relevant right now as the Bill came to pass and soon after calamity struck.

Vigil at the Mt. of Salvation,Philippies 2010

DECEMBER 8, 2008: EMMA WITH OUR MOTHER OF LOVE, PEACE AND JOY, at the Mountain of Salvation, Tagaytay

Note: Words of Emma and Mama Mary below are not verbatim.

(Last Sept 8, 2008, Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy said that we are about to enter the exciting part of the pilgrimage.) On Dec 8, 2008, she said, “You have now entered the exciting part of our pilgrimage. “

Emma started crying. We asked her why. Emma saw Mama Mary crying very much and Emma said, “If you see Mama Mary cry you want to die na rin because of sorrow. Ayaw na ayaw mong makita si Mama Mary umiiyak.”

“ I saw Mama Mary cry. She was saying, “Why are they killing my babies? Make sure that you fall down on your knees and ask God to intervene in this Bill that they are passing in Congress.” Because she didn’t understand, Emma asked Fr. Dennis Paez, “Ano ba itong Bill? She was told this is the RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill).

According to Emma, “ Mama Mary said, ‘This Bill will bring your country into darkness the way the other countries were deceived. Why then am I appearing in your country if you will just allow this Bill to pass because this Bill is against God’s law of life? You think this Bill is good for the sake of women, but it will destroy your souls.’ ”

Someone said, “Maybe we should march against this bill.” Emma said, “No, Mama Mary said to fall on our knees so God will intervene because we are fighting the power of darkness. We have to be at level of prayer.

She said we have to stand up and fight for our faith because the RH Bill is patterned from foreigners. We have to stand up so that they don’t do this to us.


the image of the Mama Mary according to Emma


It calls one’s attention that in a talk that Emma gave on September 13, 2009, rather than speak about the September 8 apparition of Our Lady to her, she emphasized a vision she had about ten years ago. She saw a man emerging, chosen by God to lead the country. Emma was asked how old the man was. 40? 50? She said, “basta below 60.”

Then Emma related this vision of the man emerging to lead our country to her Sept. 8, 2009 vision. Emma said that maybe one of the rewards ( Mama Mary had said, “ From 2010 to 2015 tremendous graces will fall on your country because My Son will be rewarding you.”) is that we will be given this someone to lead us for this period (2010 to 2015). This man has characteristics that we will discern ourselves:
• He is not vindictive
• His main concern is for the good of the country, to serve the country and to serve God.
• He is doing everything according to God’s will.
• He has a pure heart.

Emma said, “If you see this person, you will know this person is the one. Ikaw mismo makikita mo yun. Do not be unhappy if your choice is not the choice of God. Tingnan mo and kanyang “qualities” Is he doing the will of God?”

Then Emma spoke of the RH Bill (Reproductive Health Bill), “ Mamamatay na ako kung pumasa ang RH Bill. She said that the worst thing you can ever see is Mama Mary crying. Gusto mo na rin mamatay.”

She repeatedly emphasized that she’s trying to connect her 1997 vision of the man to her vision of September 8, 2009 because in that vision Mama Mary said that between 2010 and 2015, tremendous graces will come to us because Her Son will be rewarding us. We will witness the transformation of our country. “ Nirerelate ko lang yung nakita kong vision noong 1997 sa mga graces ng 2010 to 2015. Magagalit yong ibang tao because he (the man who will lead the country) will take away corruption, fixing the country and doing the will of God. He has a pure heart. He only wants to serve God and our country. “

Emma said she did not see the man clearly and saw only his forehead. She did not say that the man she saw has a long forehead, contrary to word that is going around.

La Pieta Prayer Group International, is the prayer Ministry founded by Emma de Guzman.  You can find her background here.

Sources:  Mountain of Salvation, Intercession for Souls, La Pieta International


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