The Miraculous Sto. Nino de Providencia

Eversince I learned about the Sto. Nino de Providencia I made it a point to propagate the devotion and never missed to attend His Feast.  Each January the street of Aurora Pijuan in BF Resort Las Pinas is closed due to the thousands of devotees attending the whole day feast.

This year I tried to check online when the exact date of the feast will be. I lost the number of the owner Lorna so I had no way to find out.  I saw their Facebook page and asked but no one seems to monitoring it so never got a reply.  Fortunately the night before January 27, I heard in the DZMM tele radio about the feast date which was yesterday.  I didn’t get all the details so I tried surfing again. I saw a recent article of Josephine Darang.

Let me quote from her,  the brief background of this miraculous Sto Nino:

Miracle of the oil

Lorna Gonzales said that on Jan. 27, 1992, the small statue of the Sto. Niño which her mother bought in Tayuman in 1988, was placed in the living room of their house, so they could pray day and night for the healing of her brother, Rodolfo “Boy” Gonzales Jr.  then a medical intern at the Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital.

Boy was struck on the head by a steel bar near the Labor Hospital in Quezon City one evening after bringing a female intern home. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors tried to save his life. They did, but he was in a coma.

Oil regularly flows from the eyes of Sto. Nino

“I saw our whole sala flooded with a very sweet smelling and sticky liquid,” said Lorna. “I saw the eyes of the image oozing liquid profusely flowing down his chubby cheeks. I scooped the oil and applied it on the body, head and face of my brother over and over again. With that Holy Oil, my brother started to recover gradually.

“At about noon, nuns and priests of different congregations came to pay homage to Him. Endless devotees started to pour in every day. For this reason, we had to construct a small Prayer Room to be able to accommodate devotees coming from all over the country. Soon devotees from foreign countries started to visit Him.”

Icon named

Msgr. Josefino Ramirez named the image ” Miraculous Infant Jesus de Providencia.” He blessed the Holy Family Prayer Room on June 16, 1992.

Lorna Gonzales said she needs “love offerings” for the 20th anniversary. Those who have been helped through healing and the solution of problems may want to help. Call her at 5429927 or text 0922-8764626.

I arrived around 730pm.  Last year the line was long at that time so I said to myself maybe I will be able to wade through the crowd by that time.  Unfortunately they just brought the statue back to the tiny chapel inside the house and it is mighty difficult to get in.  There are security guards who will not allow you unless you have a pass. I tried to look for Lorna and found her. I was not even sure if she will recognize me but she did and asked me why I haven’t visited for long. Apparently she also lost her phone like me and she gave me her new numbers.

I had to wait a while. So many people wanted to get in but even Lorna was explaining that they have not slept for a week and they need to clean up. They were requested to come back the following day.

I just kept quiet in a corner.  She allowed a couple with a baby to get in since the baby looked really sick. I saw a couple of very ill people asking to get in.

After a few minutes she told the guard to let me in.  Alleluia!  That was all I wanted to greet the Sto Nino, and pray my devotions.  There were two Franciscan monks inside praying and a couple more people.  There must only be 12 seats inside the prayer room.

As soon as I was ending my rosary, some volunteers wearing the Sto Nino came in and started to pray the Rosary as a group.  Much later, a lady got in and gave away two pamphlets of prayers. I thought it was only one when I asked then she handed me two – one was a thick pamphlet ( I think it is a reproduction) of “selected shielding prayers against evils and dangers” and the other one is about Living the Holy Mass, a testimony of Catalina., a visionary.

I decided to go near the Nino, and got some cotton now slightly wet with the miracle oil coming from the eyes of the statue. Notice the white cotton under the statue.  When I came in it was surrounded with cotton but this time some people also tried getting some of it.

It is a different feeling. I know He has a reason for this miracle. I felt awed and calm and happy.


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