Healing Prayer by Sister Raquel

Here is another healing prayer by Sister Raquel, a popular healing Nun in the Philippines. I had always wanted to visit her in Novaliches. I hope one day I will be able to. In the meantime, thanks to the internet, we can share this prayer to everyone worldwide.

Today, many are reporting to the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry they are being healed through the airwaves or the Internet. This is the healing prayer given by Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, extracted from the soundtrack of the healing program at RADIO VERITAS, PROGRAMA NI DOKTOR HESUS NAZARENO, Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm, 846 khz on the AM band, Metro-Manila, Philippines. Within the airing period of one hour, the radio program receives about 200 to 400 text messages, requesting the PRAYER WARRIORS for prayers. The Internet-based prayer warriors have members all over the world. You can send prayer requests for healing, especially of terminal ailments, via 1) blogsite http://www.sisterraquel.com or 2) text messages to 63918-8379827 but only during the broadcast period of the healing program Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm Philippine time..


2 thoughts on “Healing Prayer by Sister Raquel

  1. Please pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for the healing of my mother Telma Ferrari as she has a brain tumor. May Mary protect her under her mantle.
    God bless you all

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