The holiest place in the world?

Temple Mount, also called Holy Temple, is believed to be the holiest place in the world specially for Christians, Jews and Muslims.  It has tremendous historical and religious significance as the two Jewish Temples were, it is believed, situated in the vicinity.

It is also thought to be the place where God created Adam.  According to the prophecies of the Old Testament, the third Temple has to be built, probably at this place.  That is why for many people, this place marks the presence of God.

This is the place also where Abraham almost  sacrificed Isaac.  For the Muslims, it is in this exact spot where Muhammad ascended to the skies during his night journey.

Visible from almost anywhere around the Old City, the Temple Mount  is a vast  area with the Dome of the Rock in its core and the El-Aqsa Mosque at its southern tip.

The political status of the Temple Mount in is the subject of final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Join us this March 15-23, 2011 in a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land:  Sacred Love-Holy Land in Spring


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