Mary never died but just slept

One important religious site visited by Catholics in the Holy Land is the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem, The Abbey is found next to Mt Zion, site of the Upper Room where the Last Supper was held.  This  German Benedictine Church complex was built over the site where Virgin Mary is said to have fallen asleep for the last time

The word Dormition means sleep because us Catholics believe Mary never died. She slept before she was Assumed into Heaven.

On the lower level of the church is a round chapel where a depiction of the sleeping Mary can be found.  The Dormition Abbey is now called Hagia Maria Sion Abbey.

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On the ceiling above the statue of Mary are mosaics showing  Jesus surrounded by famous Biblical women personalities : Eve, Esther, Ruth, Yael, Judith and Mary sister of Moses; they are here to honor Mary.
I found a video online which shows highlights of the Abbey.
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