“I need to find you in my heart.” (Part 6- Program during the Beatification of Chiara Luce Badano)



Maria Teresa: I was looking at her, I was holding her legs, I was looking at her, I felt such a peace within, I was really at peace… it was nearly a song. I looked at Chiara in the face. She really had a pain stricken face, and I had never seen it like this before.

I told Ruggeo: “Chiara is suffering a lot in this moment.” I felt this song within me, this serenity, but I thought and said: “I wonder what Chiara is thinking?” So when she had somewhat recovered and straightened up a bit, she looked at me. I hadn’t said anything out loud and she said to me: “Mom, do you know what I was doing?” “No.” “I was singing.” “Is that so? What were you singing?” “’Here I am Jesus, also today facing You, all renewed just as you want me to be.’

And what were you doing?” “I was also singing.” And she asked: “But what were you singing?” “I need to find you in my heart.”

Then, after a while, you could see that she couldn’t handle it any longer and her father was on the other side of the bed, she motioned to me, like this with her finger, showing me to come closer and she put her hands in my hair and she ruffled it all up. Then she said: “Ciao Mommy! Be happy, all right? Because I am.”


… I have understood that if we would always be in this disposition of soul, ready for everything, God would send us many signs. I also recognized how many times God passes by and we don’t even realise it. Now I will say goodbye to you all even if I have many other things to tell you, but I leave them for the next appointment. Goodbye to everyone!


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