You Only Have One Life, Follow the Light (Part 3- Program during the Beatification of Chiara Luce Badano)


Eleonora: Jesus forsaken as the key not only to face one’s own personal problems, but also the divisions between
Churches, faiths, as Chiara Lubich just told us. It is a “lofty” concept, which could seem very removed from
everyday life. Dima from Jordan, how do you live it?

Dima: I come from a Muslim nation where Christians make up 3% of the population. The diversity between these two faiths began to weigh on my life since I university. The differences would sometimes hurt me: I felt like there were walls dividing us.

I remember how one day in class a professor said some things that offended me as a Christian. In that moment, I understood that it was useless to try and respond to him. But there was something else that I could do: I could face this difficult situation without ever stopping to love. I thought that also Jesus on the cross was the emblem of someone who is discriminated. So, in silence, I prayed for this professor and for all my classmates. The following day, I was surprised when the professor told me that he was sorry and a new relationship began.

In the meantime, a nice friendship began to grow between me and a Muslim girl. I was the first Christian that she had personally come to know. At the beginning, it was not easy. She had problems with her friends and I did too with mine. But I decided to go ahead with this friendship which, day after day, builds new bridges.
A few years ago, together with other young people who live to build a united world, we decided to hold a school programme for children and teens from Iraq who are refugees in our nation. We are both Christians and Muslims, and also these children belong to the two faiths.

During these years, we have come to know many terrible situations…. But among us there is a real exchange of gifts which continues on with some, even after they leave for other countries with their families.
Manolo: Let’s open up a window onto the world. In these recent weeks the media has shown us dramatic images of a number of natural disasters that have hit various nations. I think that we have all asked ourselves, at least once, why do these calamities occur and what can we do about them, just as Chiara Luce, who never ceased to feel the sufferings of others, both close and far.

Khurram comes from Pakistan, one of the most affected areas. How are you living these events?
Khurram (speaks in English) – At this moment, the situation of my country is dramatic: millions of people have lost everything or almost everything, many infrastructures have been destroyed and a big part of the crops have been washed away.

Jesus Forsaken is also present in this sorrow and demands to be loved. We try to look upon these
sufferings around us as a countenance of His and try to do something in order to comfort Him.
The local Church carried out a day of prayer and solidarity for the flood victims: a good occasion to pray
together. Then, some of our community members reached out to around 700 Christian and Muslim families,
bringing them the basic necessities which they had not yet received. During our makeshift experience of helping out the 2005 earthquake victims, we already knew that we would come across many bureaucratic problems, however, this time many difficulties got solved immediately. We obtained the necessary permissions from the authorities to enter the camps. These permissions are usually hard to get due to security reasons. We found out that an extra 81 families were to be added to the list, hence reducing the quota per family.

Considering the money available, we decided to forego the purchase of water containers. Our great surprise came when we reached the camp and a telecommunications firm had just sent a truckload of water containers. We can really feel how God’s Love reaches the heart of these persons and they thanked us for each act of love and attention. In collaboration with the local Churches we would like to continue helping other families through aimed interventions even after the emergency period, because the reconstruction phase will take time.

We feel that God loves us. He is close to us and He guides our little story. We feel part of a large family.
Just a year ago, we Pakistanis sent our little contribution to the Philippine flood victims and now we are receiving concrete love from many people all over the planet, especially the Youth for a United World. On behalf of our people, we want to say a big “THANK YOU” to all of you for your help and your prayers.

22 – SONG: “You Have Only one Life”

È un amore grande e l’ho trovato
Tra le luci che mi abbagliano
Travolgente e bello, quest’amore è Dio
È un pensiero solo e mi dice che:
Rit.: Tu hai una vita sola
Spendila bene
Una vita sola.
Tu hai una vita sola
Spendila bene
Una vita sola.
Ho una grande voglia di gridarlo
Corro verso il mondo a vivere
Ora voglio amare senza limiti
È una gioia immensa, devo dirti che
Rit.: Tu hai una vita sola
Spendila bene
Una vita sola.
Tu hai una vita sola
Spendila bene
Una vita sola.

You have one life to live,
just live it the best you can
You have one life to live,
just live it the best you can.
You have one life to live,
so you must do your best.
Tu hai una vita sola
spendila bene… una vita sola
Tu hai una vita ora.


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