Transcripts, Beatification of Chiara Luce Badana, Sept 25-26, 2010

For those who missed the live streaming of Chiara Luce’s beatification rites and program last weekend (like me), I tried to check out the proceedings and found some transcript I will be posting here in parts. I guess everyone is still busy in Rome  to be able to put together the whole celebration online so let’s contend with whatever I was able to pick up.


Part 1 September 25, 2010   16:00-18:00

Eucharistic Celebration for the Beatification of the Venerable Servant of God, Chiara Badano, presided by His Excellency, the Rev. Msgr. Angelo Amato, Archbishop of Sila, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, representative of Pope Benedict XVI.

Download the transcript here.


Part 2  September 25, 2010  21:00-23:00

Paul VI Hall – Vatican City
25 September 2010

Download the transcript here.


Part 3:  September 26, 2010  10:30-12:15

Thanksgiving Mass

Download the transcript here.


Prayer to the Blessed Chiara Badano

O Father, source of every good,
we give You thanks for the wonderful
testimony of Blessed Chiara Badano.
Filled with the Holy Spirit
and guided by the radiant light of Jesus,
she believed firmly in Your infinite love,
and wished to return it with all her strength,
surrendering herself in complete trust
to Your paternal will.
We humbly beseech You, that You may also grant us
the gift to live with You and for You,
and ask You, if it be Your will,
for the grace of…….……..
through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


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