“Life, Love, Light” (Part 1- Program during the Beatification of Chiara Luce Badano)

Note: New Video “Imagine Flying” added just now Sept 29, 2010

The Sept 25 program on the Beatification of Chiara Luce seemed interesting and full of life so I am posting it here together with some related photos and videos.

Full transcript here (pdf file)


2 – THEME SONG: “Life, Love, Light”

C’è una musica che va più velocemente ancora
E attraversa le città, quanta voglia ho
Di cambiare rotta e poi di rapire il mondo intero
E’ l’amore dentro me, dentro noi
E volare senza avere più paura

La marea che viene e va, più decisamente ancora
Con un tuffo scendo giù, nel silenzio blu
Trattenere il fiato e poi risalire il mare intero
E’ una forza dentro me, dentro noi
Respirare senza avere più paura

Life, love and light
Questo cielo ci travolgerà
Solo life, love and light
Ora il tempo non si fermerà mai
Salti su una stella e poi, corri dritta verso il sole
Luminosa più che mai, quanta gioia sei
Forte come il vento vai, chiara come una cometa
La tua vita vive già tra di noi
per brillare senza avere più paura

Life, love and light
Questo cielo ci travolgerà
Solo life, love and light
Questo sole ci riscalderà
il cuore ancora

And now here we are,
gathered from all nations
one with you to bring new light
Guide us on our way forever
so we will find heaven

Life, love and light
Questo cielo ci travolgerà
Solo life, love and light
Questo sole ci riscalderà
Solo life, love and light
Questo cielo ci travolgerà

Solo life, love and light
Ora il
tempo non si fermerà mai più



Hosts: Good evening!! Welcome, Hello to everyone!! Hello!

Manolo: Good evening to all those who are following ‘live’ through the Tele Pace television programme. We are transmitting from Paul VI Hall in the Vatican.
Since this morning more than 13 thousand people, coming from 69 countries, have arrived here in Rome for the beatification of a young girl: Chiara Badano, known to everyone as Chiara Luce.

Eleonora: 8,000 people are present here in the hall with simultaneous translation going out in 20 languages.
Another 5,000 are following through the maxi-screens from St. Peter’s Square, and many others are connected ‘live’ through internet in the whole world. A big welcome to all!

Manolo: Today, September 25th, 2010 is a special day. This afternoon, in fact, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love in Rome, the solemn rite of beatification of the Venerable Servant of God Chiara  Badano took place, presided by His Excellency, Archbishop Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the  Causes of Saints.

Eleonora: Chiara Badano was born and grew up in Sassello, a small town in the province of Savona that is part of the diocese of Acqui. She was a beautiful, outgoing young girl who loved life, her friends and sports.

At 17 years of age she discovered she had cancer. She died at the age of 19, on October 7th, 1990. Her life continues to bear witness for her unconditional ‘yes’ to the love of God.


4 – FIRST STAGE: LIFE (green – plant that starts to grow) – GOSPEL


IDE: All the great people have loved, defended, praised and sung to… life:

VALE: Life is a challenge, a game, a dream and an opportunity,

BARBARA: It’s a mystery, a promise, a song and an adventure.

GIOVANNI: “LOVE LIFE! And NEVER stop living it fully!”


SARA: Life needs to be longed for, desired, loved,



6- INTERVIEW WITH MARIA TERESA AND RUGGERO (click to read previous post on this)


SARA: God has a splendid project of love for each one of us.

VALE: Life is nothing other than the fascinating possibility to fulfil it…

GIOVANNI: Just as Chiara Luce did….

SARA: Light of an ideal of love which shines like a sun.
(piano piece)

IDE: Look up high, look at the sun!

BARBARA: The only sun of the divine will.

IDE: One sun with infinite rays,

SARA: rays that are different from one another…

VALE: as each one of us.

IDE: Look and run!

VALE: Run in the light of your ray and never step out of it!

GIOVANNI: Fulfil the wonderful plan of love that God has on you!

BARBARA: And think: the more our rays get closer to the Sun, the more they will draw together.

SARA: We will be closer among us,

VALE: one heart and soul.



8- LAUNCH OF VIDEOCLIP “Imagine Flying”

Eleonora: To run in the light of one’s own ray, beside others, together with others. This is what happened to Chiara Luce and to many of her friends, who like her were committed to fulfilling God’s plan on each one. Among them was Chicca Coriasco, her best friend.

Manolo: We will have a chance to speak with Chicca later on this evening. In the meantime, she will be the one to lead us in the video that we are about to see, made in Sassello at the home of the Badano family, where she went with her family to relive some of the moments of Chiara Luce’s life as a child.

9- VIDEOCLIP “Imagine Flying”
story of Chiara Luce’s childhood

Giacomo: Mom, did you know Chiara Luce?

Chicca: Yes, I met her when I was 10 years old; we immediately became great friends and from that moment onwards we never parted.

Giacomo: And what was she like?

Chicca: Chiaretta had a really determined, strong personality but she was also very sweet, and she had a beautiful smile. And she also liked to do sports; she was a good athlete, went skiing and skating, played tennis, and did many other sports. Another thing is that she had a very special love for the ‘least’, for those who suffered or were in difficulty; she really had a special love for them.

Teresa and Ruggero, Chiara Luce’s parents:

Welcome Gianni, welcome, ciao Chicca, come in!

Come into Chiara’s room, this is her bedroom.

Giovanni: What was Chiara like as a child?

Mother: Chiara, like all children, liked to play. She had many toys and she would play in her room while I tidied the kitchen. One day, I opened the door and said to Chiara: “You sure have a lot of toys, you really have many!” and she said “Yes, why do you say that?” And I responded: “Couldn’t you give some away to the poor children?” And she said: “They’re mine!” and she made a gesture… like taking in hand her toys out of fear. After a while I went to the kitchen and I heard her saying: “This one yes, this one no …!” I became curious. I peered in at her door and saw that she had divided all her toys and then she asked me: “Mom, can you bring me a bag.” I got her one and she put a few toys in the bag. I then said to her: “But Chiara, these are the new ones!” and she answered me: “Mom, you can’t give away the broken or old toys to poor children.”

Lucia to Chicca: Together with Chiara, you tried to live for Jesus. What did you do?

Chicca: First of all, Chiara would come down from Sassello by bus and I would go and pick her up at the Albissola stop and we would then go to my house. Together, we would read something written by Chiara Lubich, some meditations, and then we would share our experiences; how we were trying to live the Gospel in our everyday lives. Then we did many other things: we would play group games, we went biking and running, and we also played a lot of sports because we really liked doing sports. We would go to the seaside and we would almost explode into the water, to swim great lengths. Then we would make a lot of cakes to sell, perhaps outside the church, in order to help the poor children or those who had financial difficulties. Or we would come up with dances; we also liked putting plays together to stage for other young kids or for our friends. One time, we put on a show for Chiaretta’s relatives to collect funds for those in need, for instance…

Lucia: Can we write it? With the Gospel underarm…

Barbara: We will do great things!

Source:  Focolare official website,  Servizio Informazione Focolari


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