A St. Pio encounter

The other day, as I was at the Blessed Sacrament after hearing mass, I happen to read the brief story of St. Pio as written in the new prayer booklet I bought in his shrine in Quezon City.

I noticed some important dates in his life which was similar to some of mine.  We were both born on the same month, May under the sign of Gemini.

The five wounds of Our Lord’s Passion, the Stigmata, appeared on his body on Sept 20, the birthdate of my late mother.  He apparently was the first stigmatized priest in the history of the Church.

After St. Pio passed away, the process for his canonization began in March 20, 1983 and ended on January 21, the wedding anniversary of my late parents.

St. Pio was canonized in May 1999, the start of a very challenging period in my life.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had an extraordinary experience the weekend prior to his feast.  I was on the way to the house of my natural doctor in La Vista. I usually pass C5 since I come from Paranaque.  I reminded my driver to slow down when he sees Honda because I want to pass by the Chapel of St. Pio.  I can’t seem to remember the exact spot but I know its after Honda and the area of Nuvo City.  He thought it was before the bridge so when we reached the flyover and didnt see any he said we must have missed it.

I felt bad but he said maybe we can pass by again on the way back but I can see the long non moving traffic and not sure if there is a U turn slot.  When we were close to Libis I saw the place but we were going fast so missed it again.

I had to wait for a long time in the house of my doctor because I didnt really have an appointment but wanted to get some supplements.  He went out after half an hour and requested for some muscle testing since I was worried about my heart and cyst as I had stopped taking the herbal capsules due to the cost.

What amazed me was when he said my heart is fine and my cyst was gone! That surely was a miracle I thought knowing I was not really following the healthy diet due to some challenges.

After another half an hour I left with the supplements just for my diabetes.  On the way back to C5 we noticed the traffic was better and found a U Turn slot so we were able to enter the chapel parking.  I immediately went down and rushed inside. I didnt realize there was going to be a mass. After I sat down, they announced that the doors will be closed since the capacity of the place is full.

I then realized that the reason we missed the chapel the first time and that I had to wait almost an hour with the doctor is so that I can attend mass at the chapel of St. Pio.  Everything happens for a reason.  I was profusely thanking him for his intercession.

It goes better because after the mass there was the annointing of the oil.  I lined up at the center.  After a few minutes, a lay minister walked to the back and I transferred line.  I was suprised the line was slow. Apparently the lay minister was taking time with some people, not all,  even talking to them. When my turn came, he placed the oil on my forehead and hands. Maybe he sensed I needed prayers and asked what I needed so told him. He seemed very holy. I saw it in his eyes, as if St. Pio was talking to me. He must have spent about ten minutes at least so the line was not moving.

I felt so blessed after and thanked St. Pio for this special grace.  It also served to remind me that his feast was in a few days.


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