My Cross turned to gold, Vatican investigates Medjugorje

I recently came across some some interesting news online published early this year.  Apparently the Vatican has stepped in the investigation on the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin in Medjugorje, now a part of Bosnia.

The Hufftington Post and BBC  has featured this news but I was particularly interested in the analysis of Daniel Klimek in his ministry values website.  He describes the news as striking and groundbreaking.

This constitutes the first time in Church history wherein the highest office of the Holy See will investigate an ongoing apparition site. Normally, it is custom for Church authorities to wait until the reported supernatural phenomenon concludes before passing judgment on the matter. With the Church’s aggressive exception (and decision) of placing Medjugorje under an investigative commission within the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, it becomes clear that Vatican officials are recognizing what a significant and serious event Medjugorje is for the faithful on a global scale, no longer able to ignore its impact and influence on world Catholicism.

 Mom, Dad and I at the apparition chapel.  This is the statue of Our Lady whose photos showing what seems to be various instances of eye movement.

The apparition has been going on for since 1981. The BBC article mentions the history as follows:

For almost 30 years, the Virgin Mary has been said to appear daily in Medjugorje, dressed sometimes in a grey dress and veil and sometimes in gold, crowned with stars and floating on a cloud.

It is said she speaks in Croatian, uttering the words: “I’ve come because there are many true believers here. I wish to be with you to convert and reconcile the whole world.”

It is also said that three flashes of light precede her apparitions, during which the voices of the visionaries can no longer be heard.

 I was able to visit the place twice during the late 80s when it was still part of the Republic of Yugoslavia.

Dad and I being prayed over by Vicka, one of the visionaries
I have heard of so many conversions and miracles which happened to some pilgrims which visited the place.  Some of them see sparkling lights when the apparition is ongoing.  I learned of many pilgrims ecstatic that their rosaries turned into gold.  I never saw those dancing lights or sun during the apparition.  However, deep in my heart I know that it is the Blessed Mother appearing in Medjugorge.  
We usually come from Italy when we visit Medjugorje, taking a ferry from either Bari or Pescara.  During my pilgrimage to the place, I believe Mama Mary granted me a miracle.  I bought a couple magnetic silver cross, the type you put on top of your vehicle dashboard which I was supposed to give away to friends.  When we were about to leave for our next destination, as I was packing my suitcase, I noticed that four of the base of the silver cross turned to gold! I was stunt, surprised, and prayed.  I even could not believe it for I did not ask for a miracle to believe. I did!  I showed it to mom and dad who were equally shocked. Perhaps even if you hear these occurrences, it is different when it happens to you.
When we went back to Rome, I immediately went back to the place where I bought the silver cross and asked if they sell those with a gold base.  They told me never. I showed them my cross and they told me I must have bought it somewhere else but they never know of anyone making this.
I gave one to mom and another to dad and kept the two for myself.  When I reached Manila, I had to give another to a friend of mine whose spouse was in the ICU due to  a freak accident.  I always bring along this cross wherever I go.  It will always remind me of  Mama Mary’s gift of grace.
I am glad that finally Vatican is seriously looking at the validity of the apparitions.  One day if given a chance I would like to visit the place once more.

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