First Friday, Feast of Transfiguration and Mt. Tabor

It’s first friday today and also the feast of Christ’s Transfiguration.  I thought it was a special day for the two to be celebrated today.   I normally hear the early evening mass but since it has been raining specially at night , I decided to attend the morning mass so as not to miss it.

The priest’s homily discussed the background of Transfiguration and suddenly I was brought back many years ago when I used to go with my dad during his pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land.

I was able to find a scanned photo in my old hard disk  of the rock where it is believed Jesus stood during the Transfiguration.  The Church of Transfiguration is located on Mt. Tabor.  You will need to pass through more than a dozen hairpin bends going up therefore the tourists need to alight from the large tourist buses and take the Taxi going up.  The zigzag road is really so steep, narrow and scary that only those experienced drivers will dare bring pilgrims to the top of the mountain.

I found a really good picture here  with an aerial view of the mountain, featuring the church:

And this is shows you how narrow and steep the road to the mountains are:

Source:  Bible Walks

I still remember that near the Church is a convent (I believe of the Franciscan order) where Italian nuns will cook for us a special spaghetti.  It is one of the best pasta dish I have tasted in my life and I do miss that.  I hope one day I can go visit the holy land once again and maybe dare go up Mt Tabor once more and visit the sisters.

By the way, the view from the top is breathless. One other important information I believe is that Mt. Tabor is near Mt. Carmel, where the roots of the Carmelita Order can be traced.


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